Our acstheticians will gently and expediently remove unwanted hair. Cost and time of service is dependent on the area being treated. Flatter your natural beauty by removing strays and creating a clean brow shape, or enjoy weeks of smooth, touchable skin on your face and body.

Eyebrow Design (15-20 minutes, $10)
Lips (15 minutes, $6)
Chin (10 minutes, $6)
Underarm (15 minutes, $15 and up)
Full Legs (45-60 minutes, $50)
Half Legs (30-45 minutes, $30)
Full Arms (30 minutes, $25)
Half Arms (15-30 minutes, $20)
Chest (30 minutes, $20 and up)
Back (30 minutes, $40 and up)
Bikini (30-40 minutes, $25 and up)
Brazilian Bikini (45-60 minutes, $40 and up)
Threading (15-20 minutes, $15)

Waxing of Princess Nail Salon

Treatments + Facials

Deep Moisture Treatments
Tackle fry and/ or aging skin with our moisturizing and rejuvenating lotion and parraffin dip.

Hands 15 minutes, $10
Feet 15 minutes, $10

Neck and Shoulder Massage
Relax and relieve stress with our 15-minute neck and shoulder massage. (15 minutes, $15)

Callus Treatment
Due to a recent change in regulations, we are no longer able to provide razor treatment. Add our enzyme fruit peel to your pedicure instead, followed by exfoliation and finished with a relaxing lavender-scented paraffin dip. (75 minutes, $10)6